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Thursday, June 16, 2011


I get my littlest boy to model my hats and scarves for my shots occasionally.

I think he's beautiful, but this shot just took my breath away. He looks so peaceful and gentle, which he is, I love the image and love him. It's a privilege to have children around you in life. When people seem to misunderstand this, and treat children as lesser humans, or as inconvenient, I believe it's more about the adults- and their own shortcomings, or fears about their own levels of tolerance, generosity, wisdom and patience. All this fear and frustration gets somehow directed onto children who actually wish the adults well....
I cherish my boys, they are my most favourite creations and I marvel sometimes at the unending love they give me and others so unconditionally. They never seem to be thinking of how much love to give or who deserves it or what effort it might involve. They can teach me everyday!
I am off to Chenrezig today to develop more my ability to love and be compassionate; from that most amazing teacher His Holiness the Dalai Lama! Peace and happy creating folks!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today has been such a goody I just have to share!
I met up with a friend for a walk along the beach early this morning. We had a great laugh and got some good exercise(even if we were overtaken by the hard-core walkers.)
At the end of our trail we discovered a beautifully constructed fairy like village made of collected beach treasures. It was entirely made of flowers, little leaves, shells and twigs...and was so detailed with fences and pathways, trees and beach huts...thanks to the unknown maker for bringing some wonder to our day...

After such a lovely start to the day I headed into Northey street to help with the winter solstice preparations-weaving bamboo into big paper lantern baskets for children to carry in the parade to the main bonfire. It was so relaxing and fun weaving them. We dried them by hanging them in a tree-don't they already look so pretty? I can't imagine how beautiful they will be once they are painted and lit on the night! Bring on the 25th June!

After this it was back to my normal routine, but luckilly I always enjoy the regular O.T appointment one of my kids has after school, the therapist is so sweet, it's like catching up with a dear friend.
By the time we arrived home it was getting dark and cold...and look what was in my mail box!

Beautiful hand knitted socks-a completely out of the blue gift! They fit me perfectly and feature beautiful flowers on the toes and heels. They brightened and warmed me up and are the most super wonderful gift ever. I didn't need any extra reasons because she's such a gem but I am reminded of how much I really love and am loved by my sis-in-law Sam tonight-thank you dear one!!
I have got warm fuzzies fizzing all over the place tonight after such a special day, I hope some blow your way!

Monday, May 9, 2011

mothers day

I wish all mothers a beautiful day, and if you lost your baby or child I hope you feel acknowledged within and from others that you are always a mother and they will be very much in you, for life.

Your love and memories are authentic and your child or baby was and always will be too.

I appreciated a line in a poem my son gave to me, 'you know me, I love you.'

These are words I hope every mother can take into her heart as surely this is somehow true of us all, no matter the circumstances, and no matter whether our child is profoundly disabled and unable to express this in words or no longer with us or able to easily speak them.

We know these little ones and love them and feel and want for love in return.

This is the best piece of writing I can find to come even close to expressing the profound connection and journey mothering is.

'patience is not learned in takes time to develop enthusiasm for how remaining open really feels. Through our hopes and fears, our pleasures and pains we are deeply interconnected'

(Pema Chodron)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

crochet kids

As we approach our cooler seasons I'm listing cozy accessories on and etsy.

I have enlisted my youngest to model.
He loves to pull funny faces so to capture a natural expression I wait until he is absorbed in play...
which means he is always looking down!

I can't always interrupt his playtime to model for me though...
so meet one of my favourite props- 'old velvet'-an op shopped chair...
What are your favourite props? Who gets to be your model?


Saturday, February 5, 2011

Bribie island day trip

Hello! Went to Bribie Island, just north of Brisbane today, for a bit of beach and a bit of forest.

My favourite painter , Ian Fairweather, lived on Bribie island, and the local museum has a small feature wall about him as he lived out there. He chose to live very simply, in a small cottage/shack in the forest. This image comes from the Ian Fairweather project site, and shows him in his house/studio painting.

The forest on Bribie is pretty special, I can see why he was so inspired and felt so attached to the place.
'I came like water and like the wind I go' Omar Khayyam.

The beaches, especially Red Beach, are pretty special too. I have a confession to make though-despite living in the so-called sunshine state- I am no summer person. I am sure this is frustrating to people enduring those bleak European winters...I am sure because I have been told off by many over the years for my lack of 'Aussie beach life appreciation'
By the time I have gathered all the togs, towels, hats, sun cream, etc and gotten us to the beach I am generally irritable-sweaty, hot and bothered, then it is so glare-y and the sand sticks to my suncream, which washes off my skin in about .5 seconds in the water ensuring sunburn will occur, then my (by this stage) totally annoying kids jump all over me and splash water in my eyes and; oh, I could go on but I am sure you get the picture! I'd rather take photos, read a book but there's never much shade...winter, please come now!

Anyway, whiney-ness aside-I loved the shapes of these deeply embedded driftwood tree trunks-just looking at them conjures so many different ideas and forms...

The Casuarina trees which sprawl all over the sand are lovely trees too...apparently the name comes from the Malay word for the cassowary bird, Kasuari, because of the similarities between the trees slender drooping foliage and Cassowary feathers. I wouldn't know, I haven't been north past Townsville and I think they only live much further up into Queensland, maybe the Daintree? In any case I think I'd tend to give a bird like that a wide berth so I will take their word for it!
And I better go and get dinner into my not so annoying anymore kids,

Monday, January 24, 2011

talking around the table

Hello. I spent awhile tonight winding my latest yarn purchase, a lovely natural hand spun fauve fibre, into a ball and talking to my kids. It was lovely, they were sharing some memories of last year and asking questions about what they were like when they were babies.
I wonder how many women, so, so many, have spent a night doing something similar? Isn't it the simple things that are often the most touching?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Midsummer in Ballarat...

Hello! We popped over to sunny old Ballarat(cough, cough), there we caught up with family and learnt a new game.
It's called 'jump the puddle.'
As you can see it involves running very quickly and well...I'll let you guess the rest!

Lets just say the shoes (and dog) were left outside to dry for a while!
Its been really wet and cold, good weather for puddle jumping and brisk walks. Make that brisk and bracing walks!

On the way back to my parents house today we briefly stopped at a park so the every noisy lads could burn off some excess energy. While stretching my legs this fungus caught my eye...
And this beautiful creature paused just long enough for shivery me to snap it! Don't you love the crisp black spots amongst all the soft oranges and browns?
There were so many fluttering around they were like a mist, but none of them wanted to settle long enough for a good photo. I don't blame them, did I mention its cold? :o)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

wet weather events

Hello! Sorry I have not been posting much lately-my home computer internet connections is on the blink, and relying heavily on my iphone and wireless cafes is not working out so well...I hope to get it all fixed soon.
Anyhoo-today I am online with my trusty usb stick at my lovely friend Sams! Thanks dear one!! LOTS and LOTS going on...will start with the good news...

The fundraiser at Reverse Garbage went brilliantly-the organisers did an amazing job; the space looked wonderful and the food was delicious and presented so creatively!

The whole feel of the night was so good natured, the live music and the auction was exciting-its a thrill to see the crowd joining in the fun and chipping in towards the fundraising! The event kick starts the fundraising process-for the the purchase of a permanent home, a purpose bought Reverse Garbage building. I would love to see this come into fruition!
I am thrilled to have a selection of my dash robin pieces in the gallery store.

I chose some Christmas style items;, some of my partridges, jacaranda brooches and few other good gift giving ones. Reverse garbage receives a percentage for these
sales, I am really happy to know that commission fee is going to a good cause!

So that was the highlight of the week. The rest though was more like a series of lowlights! Yesterday I spent some time reflecting and regathering my spirits with the help of this little love, curling up on my lap, purring and basically letting me be quiet and down. The disheartened feelings I had when two highly anticipated weekend markets were totally washed out left me very flat. This is the not so cheerful part! My hope and optimism about this business is at a low point.
Saturdays Christmas Brisstyle market was hit by such extreme weather, high winds whipping up and absolute down pouring of rains. Unfortunately quite a few of us had wet stock but the efforts of the organisers are appreciated. Helen was racing around with plastic sheeting and trying to keep every ones spirits up despite how frustrating it must have been for her, it was nothing short of spectacular and inspiring.

On Sunday I did not have high hopes for a clear skied day. I gathered at Northey street with the few brave souls who had travelled to our market site. Bob soothed our souls with some amazing music, the acoustics of playing under food connects huge new tent and heavy rain was so moving it raised goosebumps.

I felt negative and bitter and without the kindness and gentle support of everyone around me I would have felt worse-this was the site where one of the stall holders was meant to be!
Can you believe it?!?!
These feelings pass, Buddhism and counselling have given me some small seeds of patience and in some ways I know I am and even
feel lucky. Knowing this is passing disappointment, not genuine depression. I hope and work towards never facing depression again, I had a terrible time in the past with it and am thankful to have mental stability.
So instead of surrendering to feelings of failure I am cherishing simple little happy tasks, one at at time, and holding fast to moments of joy,

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello! I am feeling full and lazy because I have been enjoying some yummy pain du campagne bread today. I picked up a loaf from Sol bread which is my fave bakery chain in Brisbane, they have shops in West end and New farm, a stall at Northey streets Sunday market, and maybe even more places, not sure?
Anyway, they make all sorts of breads, but specialise in sourdough. By happy coincidence my taste buds specialise in sourdough :o)

I stopped in quickly after dropping off some brooches and toys to Echoes Giftshop, in West end. Echoes is inside the premises of Reverse garbage and to have your work stocked there you have to use at least 75% recycled or reused materials. They take work on consignment(yay-no upfront fees!) and proceeds go back into their organisation to fund their education programs.

These brooches are a good example of the kind of thing I am interested in; re-purposing high quality materials. These are discs of thick clean white felt, used in the transportation of glassware, afterwards instead of ending up in landfill, these are collected by Reverse garbage. I purchased them from their shop front, decorated them with embroidery, stitched a brooch backing onto them and now they have returned to the premises, in the gift shop for sale. The only thing I have not yet found are recycled brooch pins. If anyone has any leads on this I'd love to hear of them, as my aim is to use only recycled items.

I am happy to have been able to create this 100% recycled baby cloud toy. I filled it with ordinary polyester stuffing offcuts from an upholsterers, which are again, from reverse garbage- clean, fresh and totally usable.
The bird symbol was a fine red woollen jumper, felted, and the white material is again, reverse garbage offcuts, from clothing manufacturing. Even the sewing thread is from reverse garbage!
I love using stuff which was otherwise destined to become rubbish-it really feels great, and seems so useful. Why do we continue to buy new materials, and manufacture and import so much stuff when we have vast stores of things, overflowing, cluttering up homes and businesses?

There are some things we have to buy new of course, but lots of crafting supplies, I suggest we simply buy new, without really considering the impact, source, workers who've made them ,etc, etc...
Anyway, I feel so passionate about this but will stop now to hopefully avoid becoming a 'ranter' !
Before I sign off I thought I'd show you my new glasses, picked up just today-how strangely comfortable they are to wear! I thought they'd be heavy and hurt my nose as I have never worn glasses before, but they feel great...what do you think?
My goofball son is pulling a face to show what he thinks of them, he told me, "you look good in them" after a pause, he amended it to 'not
really good, but good."
Hope you're having a really good week,

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Did you go to the Christmas market ? Wasn't it sweet?
From my perspective, turning up and setting up, and not having any other responsibilities on the night when I have my kids with me is fantastic.
The spaces are allocated and the tables all set, I just have to put out my pieces.
And littlest one even helped stock my table by whipping up some quick paintings.
He sold this one last night and a few more today and was stoked to make enough to get a book ('Roll over pavlova' ) with the proceeds on the way home.

I created these new birds yesterday-lambswool felt from upcycled knit wear, red linen vintage fabric on the back, filling from reverse garbage and recycled yarn wings!
Even the floss embroidery thread (eyes) was scored from an op shop-so pleased to be able to get some great high quality materials, locally and give them a new use. They are sort of chick/partridge like and they are lovely to hold and to prop against each other. I am not too humble to admit I really love them!

Can you spot them amongst the spread of goodies here? This is the pop up shop Chrissy, Sam and I created today, outside lovely Michelle's nook shop. Along the front here is some apron decorating-it seems the love of old aprons goes hand in hand with crafting, between us we have quite the collection! It all looked very pretty!

We enjoyed ourselves and all left for home with some spending money and some swapped treasures- some dash robin bird brooches and a toy cat were exchanged for a gorgeous whale water painting print from Jettas nest (Sam)and fabbo necklace and ring from my nostaligic feeling (Chrissy)
I love swapsys' at markets!
hope you're enjoying your weekend,

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hello, hello. These are shots around Northey street from Sunday, it was lovely strolling about with a cup of chai in hand. I know I bang on about it but it's such a beautiful space. My favourite things are the flowers,

the cakes
the chooks
and the shady resting spots. Bliss.

It's been a pretty restful couple days, my littlest one has been home sick so we did a bit of painting together...I was tinkering about with an old sheet of music...

my son calls it doctor love(hee, hee!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

school holidays

The lads are on school holidays so we've spent lots of time down at the beach.

It's so wonderful to feel a sense of disappearing, wandering far off out at sea or hiding high up along the cliffs...

We're ignoring the seemingly new unwritten rules of 'children should never do slightly risky things' and 'children should never be outdoors in the rain'

The birds and wiggly wormy bugs seem to find our presence unremarkable.

Mind you the sea anemones might find it irritating being very gently poked with a's so hard to resist though as they curl up and unfold again, like a bud opening into a flower.

On the home front we've been crafting, reading, sewing, watching sponge bob+ and erky & perky, drawing, etc.
I am working on some new 'i love tea' brooches (after my last one sold on Sunday.)

Some amigurumi experiments have begun too... check in again later this week and we'll see how things progress!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

thinking pink

The weekend Knitting and crochet cafe sessions were lovely...

The lovely women of Lido cafe, and staff of Vagelis cafe, made us and our groups very welcome over our Saturday and Sunday sessions with free coffees and sweets...

It was wonderful watching beginners tackling learning knitting with a sense of fun and purpose, heartfelt thanks to all who joined in!!

There are plans afoot to create some more breast cancer awareness pink ribbons and decorations for the upcoming Brisstyle mother and baby market, too-more news on this as our ideas take shape.

Now for something completely different...
a recipe of sorts...

Pasta sauce made with freshly picked tomatoes, herbs, a big dollop of olive oil, cumin, salt, pepper, a bit each oats and cooked brown rice.

Bubbling away in it are some meat balls made with organic mince beef, an egg yolk, grated lemon rind, mint, a splash of soy sauce.
You could make this vego by substituting grated firm tofu in the mince recipe.

I pre bake these til they are cooked all over and then let them heat through.

Served up with fresh pasta. Very comforting and filling.

I am in 2 minds about this but have also decided to share the news my old cat Max passed away very suddenly on Sunday.

I am slowly accepting I will never see my dear old friend again.
I am very happy to have such sweet memories of him